There Is No Such Thing as a Happy Ending – What A Finale

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Woah! Okay gladiators! I have had time to sit down with many glasses of wine to try to digest what the hell happened. I have watched I don’t know how many television shows involving couples , and the biggest rule is that true love never runs smooth. Now did anyone expect Fitz to win, his kid not to die, Andrew says he wants Mellie and then he gets this magic divorce so he can be with Livvy? NO!!! Ross didn’t get Rachel until the last episode, Big had to fly over to Paris to get Carrie and how many times did Meredith brush McDreamy off, people.. when we reach the finish line will be when this couple gets their happy ending. This is only the season finale.

There was plenty of action and drama packed into sixty minutes. The election is over and Fitz was reelected. It was kind of sneaky how Shonda had us thinking that he was going to lose in the first part of the show. I was ready to have Olivia packing her bags and head to ‘their ” house in Vermont. Once again, the course of true love never runs smooth. Looks like we have a new couple to ship and that is “Huckleberry Quinn” Quinn made the ultimate romantic sacrifice when she gave Huck the address of his wife and son he abandoned when he went underground. Last night was full of sacrifices. It was also touching when Mellie was on the floor of the Oval trying to get Olivia on the phone for her husband. I think being with Andrew made her realize that she wants her husband to be with the one he loves too. Though Quinn made quite a sacrifice, I think the prize for sacrifice should go to Olivia. She feels like she is the cause for everyone’s heartache , and so she decided to fly away. But with Jake!  I do not like Scott Foley and I hate when someone comes between my favorite couple. I felt that way with Addison on “Greys” Emily on “Friends” and Mark Harmon on “Moonlighting” Come to think of it, I didn’t like when Scott came between JD and Elliot on “Scrubs” either. It is also official that Momma Pope and Poppa Pope are psychos and both should be locked up.

Well that is the end of my rant. It is going to be a long summer that will have to be filled with Netflix, Fan Fiction, and the wait for Season 3 on DVD …

huvkleberry quinn having sexLook its “Scandal” ‘s newest couple…forget Olitz…here’s Huckleberry Quinn.. blood turns them on…

fitz holds gerry jrTragedy strikes the Grants as Momma Pope poisons Gerry Jr and he dies when his father is getting ready to make a speech

jerk and oliviaOlivia thinks that she is escaping with Jake aka Jerk.. her problems far behind her.

fitz and mellie finale Not really.. hurry back Olivia because this man needs you…

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Run and Dye -Something Fun to Do

On May 24, Get ready to paint Chicago a rainbow of colors. Its the Run and Dye Race. The best part is that it is not just for super athletes who run the Marathon. Anyone can join in the fun, no matter what level you run . Get a gang together and then party afterwards. And don’t worry about the dye part- trust me it comes off. It’s part of the fun. So gather a group together for some legendary fun at Toyota Park. Kids six and under are free , so its perfect for the whole family.

chicago raceUse the code BLOGCHICAGO to save $10 on registration . CODE Expires on May 17. Save an extra $5 by joining a team.

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Haven’t We Seen This Before-Dallas Season 3 Finale

dallas image

 Last Monday night, “Dallas” ended with a new twist, the mid season finale. As a fan, I was naturally excited to see how the Ewings would bow it until August. I felt like I was being transported back in time. That was fine with me because it meant I was in my twenties again.

Linda has done an admirable job with the whole alcoholic storyline again. It is just in the past few weeks I felt like we are visiting a few of the old storylines a little too much. John Ross had his momma committed to a sanitarium for her drinking and Uncle Bobby had to save her. I don’t know about you guys , but I seem to remember this same storyline when John Ross was born. No wonder she screams “You are just like your dad” so much. A fire at Southfork? I remember this coming right after Ray Krebbs finding out how Mickey Trotter really got into the accident that ultimately took his life. Now Christopher and Bobby have to be the heroes once again.

Kudos though to Judith Light. She is the most contemptuous woman on television, other than some of the ladies on “Scandal” Her Judith is terrifying and it is great to see this wonderful actress stretching herself again. I am a fan who fondly remembers her portrayal as the tortured Karen Wolek on “One Life to Live” Nice to see she can play other than sweet , sitcom like Angela from “Who’s The Boss?”

As for the end , it had to be the sexiest scene I have seen on this show. Hot doesn’t even begin to describe it. Some of the comments that I have seen say that the show might have gone a little too far. I don’t think so at all. Between the scenes on other cable shows and some network shows, there is nothing wrong with this. People like to look at beautiful people having sex, that way they can forget their own mundane lives. There is enough ugliness in the world. Enjoy your summer Dallas fans…..

sue ellen fireHere is Sue Ellen after she has passed out from the booze.. where is Bobby? JR is looking up from hell saying “Been there, done that ?”

naughty threesome Here is one of the raciest scenes I have ever seen on “Dallas” John Ross, Pamela , and his mistress, Emma in the naughty threesome

bobby and christopher to the rescueJust like always … Bobby to the rescue …will he able to save Southfork?

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Guess Where You Saw Them Scandal Edition


 In honor of Scandal’s Season finale, we proudly present a special version of Guess Where You Saw Them. We found some great shots of your faves from Scandal…maybe now you might remember where you saw them before they were Gladiators!!!

kerry wash in ray Here is Kerry Washington in the Oscar winning movie “Ray” as Jamie Foxx’s wife….so prim and proper

TONY GOLDWYN, KERRY WASHINGTON Here she is gorgeous as ever as fixer and the love of the President, Olivia Pope

all about the boy dan bucatinsky Here is Emmy award winning actor, director and producer Dan Bucatinsky in  the movie” All About the Boy”

130829112953-01-lgbt-shows-story-top Here is Dan as the late and still loved, James Novack. He is sitting on the bed with his husband and Grant Chief of Staff Cyrus Beane , played by Steppenwolf founder Jeff Perry

thjatcher Here he is in his other famous role, Thatcher Grey, father to Meredith and Lexi Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy”

bellamy young on scrubs Here is Bellamy Young. Long before she was the First Lady, she was a doctor who tormented Perry Cox on Scrubs

BELLAMY YOUNGNow she torments her husband and Cyrus weekly as Mellie Grant, America’s answer to Eva Peron

jon tenney fools rush inJon Tenney has done many roles. Here he is with Friends star , Matthew Perry in the movie “Fools Rush In”

andrew and mellieHere he is as VP running mate and love interest for Mellie , Andrew Nichols

merdith on  castleDarby Stanchfield made quite an impression as the mother of Alexis and Richard’s first wife Meredith on “Castle”

abby and davidShe is currently the seductive examiner Abby who made her own impression on David Rosen played by Joshua Malina

president at cal tech joshua malina Everyone knows about Joshua on “The West Wing”, but here he is as the President of Cal Tech on “The Big Bang Theory” . He seems very annoyed at Sheldon and Kripke.

monty  kate burtonIt isn’t the first time that Kate Burton had political aspirations . In the early nineties, she was a politician’s wife in the short lived Fox sitcom “Monty” It starred Henry Winkler and introduced the world to David Schwimmer.

kate as sallyHere she is as Vice President Sally Langston

scream 3 with scott foley It isn’t the first time that Scott Foley played a killer. He was the killer in “Scream 3″ .

scandal killer Here he as Capt Jake Ballard aka Head of B613…as he shoots James Novack in “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

guillermo diaz Here is one of my faves Guillermo Diaz when he was in the movie “Cop Out”

huck as killer Here he is doing what he loves torture … as Huck…

katie lowes castle Here is Katie Lowes when she guest starred on ABC’s other hit “Castle”

huck-and-quinn Here is Katie as Quinn aka Lindsay with her mentor and possible love interest Huck..

Darius_Hawthorne Here is Columbus Short when he was aspiring comedy writer Darius Hawthorne on the late show “Studio 60 0n the Sunset Strip.”

COLUMBUS SHORT Here he is as fixer Harrison Wright .. a gladiator in a suit

jackie on erHere is Khandi Alexander as the sister of Peter Benton on “ER”

momma pope Here she is as the psychotic-terrorist Maya aka Momma Pope

joe morton different world Joe Morton first came to our attention as the love interest of Whitley on “A Different World”

poppa pope eliHere he is yelling at his daughter Olivia…as Eli Rowan Pope

tony goldwyn ghostLast but certainly not least is the most famous flashback picture… when I saw “Ghost” I had no idea that the mean, evil Carl Bruner would end up like this….

1385179797_oliiva says do what you have to Hello Mr President….aka Fitz….Tony Goldwyn

Hang in there gladiators !  It’s gonna be a long summer!!!

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Review: Easy and Healthy Blue Apron Makes Cooking Fun

blue apron logo I absolutely love the fact that we are constantly trying great places to eat, but sometimes it can get tedious and also boring. I also realize that sometimes people don’t get the nourishment they need from eating out all the time. Plus face it, eating out can also be expensive. Busy families don’t always have the time to plan healthy meals or shopping for them.  That is why someone came up with the idea for Blue Apron, healthy meals that are delicious and also all the ingredients are delivered right to your door. You don’t even have to set foot in a grocery store.

Our adventure started with the delivery. Upon arrival, we discovered all the goodies in each Blue Apron package. The meats  were all packed for shipment and were fresh, there was plenty of healthy fresh vegetables and fruits for each recipe,  even spices were included . The recipes were easy to read and cook. There was more than enough for each meal.

packageHere is an example of the delivery we received from the folks at Blue Apron

Blue Apron also has a vegan option for those who favor the vegan lifestyle. We preferred to try the meat/fish option. This actually worked out since we received our shipment during Lent. One of the meals we got contained salmon. We also like the idea that you don’t have to shop for the ingredients for two reasons, First, here in Chicago you never know what the weather will bring. For the past two years, we have had days so bad that no one wants to go out and buy food. It also allows busy people to eat healthier. I have to admit when people are in college or rehearsing a show, they don’t eat healthy. They go through drive throughs or eat out of vending machines. This allows the subscriber to enjoy healthy and delicious meals .

The meals we received were  a two cheese chicken quesadilla, stuffed cabbage rolls, and blood orange salmon. Each of the meals also included a yummy salad as a companion. Our favorite was the two cheese chicken quesadillas. It came with two kinds of cheese cheddar and pepper jack. Jen didn’t use the pepper jack, and put it on the side . But the sour cream was filled with chives and really made the meal pop. It was a meal that was healthy and had a little zing at the same time.

quesadillas The verdict? We really liked all the meals. There was definitely enough for two and more. We even have some ingredients left at this point.  I will say that the one salad was a little too try for my taste. a little bland and it was my own fault for not adding my fave low cal dressing to it.

Blue Apron is affordable only 9.99 a meal per person. It averages out considering how much a meal out is. For more info: go to

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Common Threads Presents Plates With a Purpose

common threads

Fine dining and charity make a perfect match once again. Dowtown restaurant Le Colonial has paired up with the folks at Common Threads for a food experience that is not soon to be forgotten. On April 14, diners will experience an authentic Vietnamese dinner . The meal will include such delights as Can Chua, a sweet and sour soup with fresh seafood and also a Vietnamese street food , Cha Ca. Beer pairings and a cocktail hour are also part of the evening. The children from Common Threads will be present to help with the tradition of rolling rice paper.

The whole event only costs one hundred fifty dollars and it is going to a great cause. For ticket information visit Common Threads.  Event begins at five pm.

le colonial

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Gay Chicago Cooks Up Fun

chamber of commerce logoWe are all fed up with the cold and anxious to see Spring come. But before we welcome al fresco brunches and frozen yogurt, the gang at Side Track want you to come out for the 15th Annual Chili Cook Off. It is sponsored by the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Fifteen restaurants are vying for the title of Best Chili.

 The event starts at two o clock and there will be surprises, drinks, and fun.  It is not too late to get your tickets for this great event.sponsored by the folks at Jack Daniels.

Tickets are available at

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