Mark Portervale “Keeping You Warm In Style” Custom Printed Hooded Blankets

Everyone knows that if you really want the cold and winter, come to Chicago. The wind howls off Lake Michigan which makes the temperature plummet pretty low pretty fast. No sense in denying it, winter is here.

Recently the nice people at Mark Portervale sent me the perfect gift. Its not only functional, but fun. Each blanket is wearable warmth that can travel on a train, a plane, or that long car ride. It’s also great for just keeping warm during those long winter months. I like to throw it over me when I lay in bed. It keeps me toasty and warm. The blanket comes in many patterns and is available in adult and junior sizes. pFor more info or to order your own go to


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The Baby Show, Its More Than Just Babies

Style and practically were the two buzz words at this year’s Chicago Baby Show. Parents and parents to be strolled through Navy Pier checking out the latest in baby and toddler paraphernalia. At first I didn’t think I’d find anything interesting since I’m not a mother, but I was pleasantly surprised. There was truly something for everyone and each vender had an unique and welcoming displays.

The first product that caught my eye were the different baby wipes. Several companies were represented at the show, but one really caught my interest with their story. Emily Fraser’s love for her son, Archie inspired her to create these phenomenal wipes. Every product she used irritated his sensitive skin so in 2016, she developed Bets and Emy. I learned these wipes aren’t necessarily just for babies. These wipes can be used in the bathroom by older children and adults, they’re prefect for travel, for removing makeup, cleaning up messes such as barbeque and melting ice cream and so much more.

Another product I loved was Prince Lionheart’s Tubimals were one of the most perfect and cutest products for babies. Sinks are too small for baby to move, kick and play and regular tubs can be too dangerous. Tubimals are infant and toddler that allow room for movement and makes bath time fun. Parents can also put the tubimal in the regular tub for supervised splish splashy fun. What makes the tubimal unique is that once baby has grown too big for it, the adorable tubimal can be used as a storage bin. The best part is each tubimal comes in cute animal shapes. This product is something both patents and babies will enjoy.

The last product that caught my eye was the Ta Ta Towel. Since God seemed to have given me larger breasts, this was definitely a product for me. The ta ta towel helps with that annoying breast sweat by keeping you cool, its perfect for holding up larger breasts. Its great for nursing moms and cancer patients, or if you’re just getting ready for a night too. They come in so many colors and prints it may be hard to just pick one.There were soo many products to name but they were all great. I’m looking forward to meeting new bloggers, catching up with old friends, and seeing a whole new batch of baby and toddler products when the Baby Show rolls into Chicago once again next summer.

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Its Time For The Chicago Baby Show Again!

Whether this is your first child or just another member of your bunch, you’re not going to want to miss the Chicago Baby Show. This the second year for the show at Navy Pier.

On August 25th and 26th thousands will descend on the show, this is a great day out for the family. There will be giveaways, speakers, activities for the whole family and so much more. So join us! Just click the link below and get your tickets now.

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A Touch Of Summer “Vince Camuto’s Divina”

Fragrances are nothing new to me, I’ve been wearing them my whole life. It’s the perfect way to complete your beauty routine  before going out. Its the little secret to triumph over the opposite sex. It can also set a tone or invoke a mood.

Divina by Vince Camuto is one of those fragrances, from the iconic Camuto cap to the classic bottle design. The wearer will be empowered. Despite its musky smell, the fruity and light feel is better emphasized making this perfume for the summer. The mimosa blossoms give off a feminine air. A little spritz is all you need on a light cotton and gauzy sundress.

The perfume retails for 90.00 and can be found at Macy’s.

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PERRY’S Steakhouse —where you are treated like royalty

Everyone deserves a little pampering . We all work hard, do chores around the house and give their partner emotional support. We all want to be appreciated, take a night off away from the kids, and just relax. Maybe you and your co workers just want a place to have some drinks and just relax after working hard all day. Well not far from the busy city of Chicago, we found the perfect place.

Oakbrook Center has become a shopper’s mecca. It seems sometimes with all of the designer stores , that someone came along and moved Michigan Avenue to the burbs. Shoppers can buy top drawer items like Michael Kors, Burberry, and Brooks Brothers and then sit down to five star dining. Perry’s Steakhouse can offer the discriminating gourmet and the foodie an experience that they will not forget.

Dining out should be an event, and that is exactly what they do at Perry’s Walk in, and you are surrounded by atmosphere. Live music comes from the lounge while diners sip cocktails as they wait for their table. When we sat down, I was welcomed by a flight of their signature cocktails. Each drink had its own personality. My personal favorite was the Peachy Glen. It tasted like a light fruity delight with its use of peach nectar and captured that summertime feel. Loved the garnish with the edible orchids.

Perry’s also prides itself on inventive starters. Fresh seafood and finest cuts of meat mingle to entice the diner and allow them to have a sneal preview of what is to come. We got a taste of two favorites, the Perry’s signature fried asparagus and beef and bleu. It was a great way to get me to eat my veggies. Fresh crabmeat was piled on top of the asparagus spears to make a veggie treat . The beef and bleu were tender cuts of meat and large chunks of aged bleu to allow the most discriminating gourmet an enjoyable dining overture.

Summer is definitely salad time. We all want to fit into those swimsuits and Perry’s has salads for those who are health conscious. It also makes for a light lunch after a morning of shopping. I liked the wedge salad with the homemade buttermilk dressing.

Jen ordered the Butchers Blend burger and that is the way that a burger should be served. The burger also came with a condiment tray which allowed her to put exactly what she wanted on it. The burger also came with the crispiest Cajun fries that was not too spicy , seasoned just right. I was treated to a taste of the fine examples of Perry’s cuisine. The pork was tender and juicy because of the curing and the salmon seasoned to perfection with the lemon dill butter on the side.The pork was accompanied by a dollop of homemade apple sauce , complete with chunks of apple in it. I was taken back to my mother’s kitchen and the apples she would cook to put in jars.

A fine dinner should come to a dramatic ending and the nutty dangelo definitely provided that. The flames not only entertained us, but the group next to us as well. The nuts , brown sugar , and brandy fused together to make a delightful treat. The vanilla ice cream added to the mixture and allowed to cap our evening with a sweet summer treat.

.Now you can treat yourself to a small sampling of one of Perry’s award winning dinners. Perry’’s celebrates five years at the Oakbrook location and you can be part of the celebration. They are offering four courses for forty four dollars. You can dine on some of the favorites that were mentioned here. Pair that with a glass of Perry’s special reserve wine and you can have a five star evening. But hurry, this offer expires on July 31. For more info go to their website. Why not treat you and a loved one to a night of fine dining? After all, you deserve it.

Perry’s Steakhouse is located at 5 Oakbrook Center in Oakbrook Illinois.

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Kerry Knows How to Handle Beauty

For seven years, Kerry Washington has embodied power and beauty in her portrayal of fixer Olivia Pope on “Scandal.” She has also been a shining example of beauty and style as she accepted awards and walked Red Carpets. Needless to say, she has learned a little bit about beauty.
With this knowledge, Kerry has designed make up that “empowers women and shows off their natural beauty.” This collection consists of just two palettes.

The one is for the cheeks and the other is the for the eyes. Kerry’s swears by these in her own bag. “It is basically all you need “ she said. Gone are the gawdy blue shadows of yesterday. The cheek colors boast shades that enhance the skin and give that glowy skin. With the freaky weather that we have had this year, it is definitely needed to push us into summer. Kerry really has put her mark on these shades. Each shade is named after a quality that Washington values rather than the usual colors. These include grateful, captivating, and elegant for the cheeks. They blend easily which is one feature I like as well.

With my hazel eyes and blonde hair, I thought that her eye palette was absolutely perfect. The colors are rich and are the perfect addition to add anytime of the day. The eye shades range from a champagne ivory to a deep brown. This allows you to make that all important change from day to night with just one palette. The palettes are perfect for travel too.
The place to find these beauty treasures is at ULTA and they are reasonable priced . The eye palette is priced at 12.99 and the cheek palette is only 9.99.

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The Cabin’s Picnic Basket

received_10159980303335577.jpegSummer may be months away, but recently Jen and I got to go on an honest to goodness picnic. Right here in Chiberia, you can eat comfort food and be transported back to those carefree days of summer and camp. Situated between Irving Park Road and N Pulaski is the Cabin and its sister bistro appropriately named The Cabin’s Picnic Basket. One of the owners of this charming little bistro is Sherill Bodine. This is a new venture for Sherrill . She has authored many books, is a known fashionista, and a Chicago socialite and philanthropist. Partnering with brother and sister, Harry and Maria Nyholm . she has the perfect place to just a grab a nosh. Sherill had added that she has always felt how important family has been to her. “I just wanted to have a place where families could sit together and enjoy a meal and each other.” She smiled in her stylish way.

Entering the Picnic Basket , you don’t sit at an ordinary table. You sit and eat your food at honest to goodness picnic tables. Sherill told me that the tables were designed by an artisan from Kentucky. The walls are designed with a log motif that transports you to the dining hall from summer camp. The food is simple but good. The meats are quality too, coming from places like the original Manny’s Deli in the loop. “We tried many combinations and recipes to arrive at the current menu.” Sherill said.20180201_133832.jpg

Each sandwich is put together individually and there is a variety of condiments and breads to chose from. Cheese lovers rejoice because as well as getting choices on the sandwiches, you can also order a cheese tray for those mellow afternoons . Sip some wine and then have some brie or gruyere paired with crackers and fruits. Since it was a typical Chicago day, we were enjoying a soup and sandwich combo. Jen gave the mac and cheese a thumbs up. (Not easy to come by) The chili was mostly meat, hardly any beans which I like.

20180201_135110.jpg20180201_135133.jpgThe sandwich I enjoyed the most was the signature. It was hearty and reminded me of the kind of sandwich that you would make at home. The marble rye bread made it and they definitely don’t skimp on the meat.I got to warm up with one of my favorite winter soups, a nice thick, cheesy broccoli and cheddar soup. Even the potato salad was something special, it had the right amount of spices that mixed together to create a delicious accompaniment for the sandwiches.20180201_135211


20180201_135802.jpgNo detail is overlooked and you will get that homey feeling as the staff takes care of you . In the spring, the menu will also include ice cream to add to that family feel. If you want to have a sandwich with that old fashioned touch , come to 4102 N Pulaski Road . They also put together some great party trays as well for your next function. Oh and you can also get pizza from nearby Eastside Café as well. They are also open seven days a week.20180201_142653.jpg

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