Kim Spadaro – Embracing Life and Loving It

kim spadaro

Some people just seem to get up in the morning, go to work, and then come home and do nothing. Kim Spadaro is not one of these people. This Floridian travels , socializes with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, and has created some of the most heavenly scents on earth. Kim is also a survivor. She underwent surgery for a brain tumor , luckily for her it was benign.

Did this stop this amazing woman? The answer is no. Kim has taken her knowledge of chemistry and her love of scents to create the world famous line Spadaro .Celebrities like Bono ,love her fragrances whether they are in the form of candles or perfume. Each fragrance that she works on comes from a memory of her life or a place she has visited. The names themselves evoke places that people have only dreamed about. Doux Amour brings to your mind images of veiled beauties , sand, and Morocco. Beso Del Mar brings to mind the cool ocean breeze and margaritas. Kim believes that fragrances evoke memories. Only one time in her life was she scared. Going under the knife, she was scared that the brain surgery would kill her sense of taste and smell. Fortunately, the tumor was in a part of her brain that she claimed was “the best part of the brain to have a tumor.” This allowed her to get back to her passion, creating.

Her fragrances are truly her passion . “Every fragrance has a story, each has characters that continue to grow, and every drop has a meaning.”Kim believes.  She creates her fragrances from her travels. That way she can keep the memory of each trip alive through each sensual experience.

Kim’s products have been included in exclusive Hollywood swag bags and she has some pretty high profile fans. The band Foo Fighters love her products as well. Kim is a huge believer in charity and believes in giving back. The Spadaro Foundation allows a percentage of each product purchased to go back to organizations that help women and children.

One of the biggest influences that Kim had was her late mother. This was one of the strongest reasons for the establishment of the Spadaro foundation. . The Spadaro Foundation allows a percentage of each product purchased to go back to organizations that help women and children. This also includes the American Cancer Society. Kim also speaks to college and high schools students as well to inspire future women. Her biggest mssage to these girls is to “never give up on the dream and trust your instincts.”

The next step for Kim is expansion. She truly wants to make the world know her name. With the determination and drive this gal has, nothing is impossible.

SpadaroHere is Kim hard at work creating a memory

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A Piece of Your Life Courtesy of Dune Jewelry

dune jewelryWe all have memories of that first time at the beach, a family vacation, romantic getaway, or just a vision of the future and a beach we want to visit. Well a few weeks ago, I received a very unusual piece of jewelry. It was a custom designed bracelet that contained the sand from a beach I have yet to see. But the bracelet gives me hope of seeing the blue Pacific. When they asked me to look at the lists of beaches to choose from, that had to be the hardest part. I went back in time to my childhood , first time I saw the Atlantic, the family visits to Lake Erie, and none of them seemed right. Looking at the list, I saw the beaches of California and saw into the future . That is where my sand would come from, the vision of the future and LA

The sterling silver bracelet looks very smart with casual looks. I also have paired it with other skinny bracelets . I can’t wait to see it with my summer and spring looks. It gives me hope that as I see the snow outside and the view of the lake, there will be sun and beaches again.

Holly Daniels Christiansen is the creator of these one of a kind pieces. She hasn’t always been a jewelry designer. She embraced her passion for jewelry design. After years of working in Boston real estate, she found that passion alive by designing these beautiful pieces of art. It is more than art, it is a place to house serenity and memories”. The jewelry is part of a patented two part process There are two different patent-pending processes that are involved in creating Dune Jewelry. The first process requires cleansing, layering and polishing the sand and resin to form a domed, glass-like finish. The second process calls for the designer’s to hand sand the piece to “open up” the grains of sand inlaid into sterling silver for a flat, matte finish.  ” is how Christiansen describes her process. She started making the jewelry in 2007 for family and friends. This was also when she partnered with Kelly Quinn , who was a childhood friend. The two realized that everyone has memories from beaches all around the world. Just recently, the company started taking sand  from golf courses and ball parks such as Fenway Park.


Pieces start at 40 and go up to 380  dollars . They include bracelets, earrings, necklaces, tie bobs, and key chains. For info go to



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It Takes A Lot of Work to Look This Good

meOne of the many perks to this blog has been the events we have gotten to attend. I love to get in a fancy dress, have my hair and nails done, and just look like i rolled off the red carpet. I have the hope that one day that will happen. In the meantime, I am sharing some of the events and things that were part of this night.

me without make upJust like Viola Davis on HTGWM here is the real me. No make up and in the chair to take care of my hair. I try to take care of my hair when that nasty color shows up. The lovely girls at Swerve took really good care of me.

anessa elle and meElle did my color and cut and relaxed me. Anessa told me about Swerve and the new make up line that was launching. I will be telling you about it soon.

nailsIt is also important to get the perfect polish shade for the dress. This was from Essie Swing Velvet just like my dress.

Here are some of the products that I used for the night that I love

lemon sageThis Chicago weather plays havoc on your skin making it dry . Wearing a spaghetti strap dress , this product was a dream in the shower. Plus the scent uplifted my mood with the citrus scent.


laurie hermann skin care productsI just found these marvelous skin care products from a great California gal, Laurie Hermann. I was really excited when she told me this was the same products that Laurie Hermann used on Courteney Cox. They made my face feels so soft and actually removed a few creases around my eyes


nena foundationI can ‘t stop bragging about this product. It is the perfect cover up and the perfect match up with it is the Nena CC Creme under it. I love it because it works so well in photographs giving the perfect coverage

impulsecollectionThe Impulse collection from Macy’s certainly added to the look. With 20 eye shadows,  3 blushes, and bronzers , took me from cold Chiberia to Hollywood. Great especially for achieving that Red Carpet smoky eye look as well.


besame_lipstick_sampler-1024x768I was thrilled beyond belief when I received the Besame lip stick sample. This shade is the same they use on the ABC series “Agent Carter.” I was a little skeptical of going this dark and red. I was pleasantly surprised when I got a compliment in the bathroom that the shade was perfect for me. Big plus, it didn’t come off after cocktails or dinner.

wet and wild mascaraThe look is finished off with  new Wet and Wild mascara for that dramatic look . This is important for me because of my deep set eyes that have a small appearance

The dress has to have the right accessories. Until I can borrow some goodies from Harry Winston, some good friends sent me gorgeous pieces that I will treasure

madame butterlfly braceletThis bracelet started many conversations last night. People were enchanted enough that it was a beautiful piece of jewelry, what was cool to say was that the bracelet told a story. It is from Opera Bracelets. They specialize in making these one of kind bracelets that use beads to tell the story of the world’s greatest operas.

I felt like a star with this beautiful piece of jewelry around my neck. Its the lovely only heart necklace . It sparkles with the beauty of Swarovski crystals and a rhodium heart.



qupid shoesWe finish off the look with these sparkly shoes from Qupid . They were comfortable enough to let me boogie on the dance floor all night.



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Pura D Or Makes Magic For Your Hair

pura d or

Recently we got the chance to try the newest formula of Pura D Or . It is formulated to aid in helping hair loss. We proved to be the perfect subjects for this shampoo and  conditioner . Jen’s hair is thin fine and straight. Mine on the other hand, is thick and naturally curly. With two types of hair, we were anxious to try this pair. Love the smell of the conditioner with its lavender vanilla scent. It smells heavenly and aids with taking some of the frizz away from my hair. Static is not my friend. It repairs damage and it gives healthy vitamins to the hair. Best part is that it is so concentrated, that you only need a little bit to get up a lather. With the argan is the perfect shampoo and conditioner for the arctic weather we encounter here in the Windy City.

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“Food Is An Art at Whisk”


Food isn’t just something you eat, it’s a form  of expression. That is something that I feel strongly about. You can either eat something that you thaw and throw in the microwave or you can truly enjoy food. Through these tastings, I have learned to enjoy eating again and we got the chance to try some truly awesome dishes at the bistro in Wicker Park known as “Whisk.”

“Whisk” has made the news quite a bit recently. They have come in third in a field of forty in the “Wing Fest.” The bistro will also be featured on an episode of “Chicago’s Best” for their brunch treat “Snickers French Toast.” If you look at their brunch menu, you will gain ten pounds just from reading the menu. This time around, we came to try some of the dishes that are popular on the dinner menu.

Rick and Scott gave us their best smiles and told us about their favorites. The meal started off with a scrumptious dry soda that was rhubarb flavored. It was fruity and fun. Whisk features a variety of sodas. It was nice to drink something different than my usual Diet Coke. I just had to try these award winning wings. The sauce we had was a combination BBQ and spicy. It has just enough of a kick. Jen usually doesn’t eat wings,  but these were so good , she chowed on them. The added feature was the homemade ranch sauce that came on the side. Whisk is known for its burgers, so we opted for Rick’s fave the “House Burger.” It is a burger that is huge (8 oz) and covered with all sorts of goodies, Chihuahua cheese, guac, chipotle mayo and tortilla strips. Pair that with the loaded pepper jack cheese fries and jalapenos and you have a meal. In the sandwich dept  , we tried the southern style chicken sandwich Moist and tasty , it was the best of the country with a kick.

Everything at Whisk is special but a few of their dishes exceeded expectations. Everyone knows how much I love salads. At almost every tasting, I have to try at least one. In this case, I can’t say enough about the Hawaiian style salad. It was served in a huge bowl that was just teeming with grilled shrimp, pineapple , granny smith apples and sprinkled with a balsamic vinegar . The romaine lettuce was flavored with pepitas and chimes. Tacos even are special here. The shells are made one by one which gives them a solid corn taste. They are filled with only the freshest ingredients. Normally the tacos boast veggies like sauteed bell peppers , guac, queso freso, onions,sour cream and cilantro. The added touch was raja tacos with chunks of steak. I was hooked.

Dessert was a special surprise. Rick promised we would like it. All of the deserts at Whisk are homemade. Our mouths dropped when he laid down in front of us what could only be described as a “Dream” dessert. They were chocolate waffles , topped with chocolate syrup and chocolate ice cream. It was a triple chocolate waffle sandwich and it is the kind of thing to serve two girls.

Whisk is BYOB and also works under GrubHub. That means that you can have any of the delicious dishes  delivered. Some of the brunch dishes go over to dinner. They open for brunch and then close for a few hours for dinner. Whisk is located at 2018 W Chicago Avenue.

burgerThe house burger can be paired with any kind of fries. These are the chimichurra ones, but we also tried the yummy pepper jack fries with jalapenos.

hawaiian grilled saladFilled with yummy  goodies, the Hawaiian style  salad is the perfect Lenten treat

triple chocolate waffle sandwichIt is pure heaven, chocolate , chocolate and more chocolate. The triple chocolate waffle sandwich

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A Special Valentine from Heaven..courtesy of My Only Heart

pendant-myonlyheartI am a total romantic. My favorite romantic movie is “Gone With the Wind” and I ship Olivia and Fitz on “Scandal”. Sadly, I lost my husband in my twenties and have yet to find my only heart again. On a day that is usually filled with empty calories and wine , I received a special gift from heaven. It came in the mail that morning and I thought what a perfect day to receive this beautiful piece of jewelry. Some may think that I am making all of this up , but I am not.

Coming in a rich looking jewelry box that is comparable with the finest jewelry stores, the necklace is truly exquisite. It is a heart that is complimented with Swarovski crystals encrusted with sterling silver. It even comes with a polishing cloth to keep its rhodium plated shine. It gives the wearer a look of elegance with each outfit they wear it with.

I love the story that comes with the necklace. It guarantees that each necklace comes with an authorization code and is one of a kind. You can also enter a special message to the person that you give your heart to as well. They will see it when they check into the authorization page. The necklace came on  Valentines Day , but I can picture it for birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, and of course on that most special of days , wedding days.

This beautiful and touching sentiment can be purchased for 109.95 at

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Take a Stroll Down the Red Carpet on February 28

JLC_Gala_v13_poster_frontIt’s time to be glam! The Junior League of Chicago is proud to announce their annual gala. This year promises to be the biggest and best yet. Just days after the Oscars, attendees are encouraged to put on the ritz and get ready to walk the Red Carpet. Photographers will be lining the Red Carpet and there will also be a step and repeat.

Fitting in with this theme, the event will take place at the Museum of Broadcasting.The evening will feature an open bar and dining and desert stations. Patrons can also take part in an auction for some really great prizes. It all benefits the mission of the Junior League of Chicago . TV’2’s own Erin Kennedy will be the emcee. There are two levels of tickets individual and VIP. VIP includes preferred seating and specialty cocktails.

For info and to purchase tickets go to

Inner-View-Erin-Kennedy Erin Kennedy hosts the Junior League of Chicago’s Gala

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