Good For Your Skin and Good For Africa-Shea Yeleen

shea yeleen lavender honeysuckleIt is a great thing to make a product that helps women , but even better when that same product helps women to better support their families. Shea Yeleen is one of the few companies that pay shea butter cooperatives in Africa three or four more times more than other companies. This makes African women feel better about themselves and isn’t that what we are all striving for anyway.

It made me feel better to know that this product line helped women., but that isn’t what sold me. Opening the jar, I was immediately enraptured with this springy fragrance. It conjured up so many romantic notions of gardens and lace. Another great thing about this product is there is no animal testing . So many of products that I have used for years, I have sadly found out that they use animals for testing. This is not acceptable because of how I feel about dogs and cats. Everything is all natural. The fragrance wasn’t the best thing about the product. The body balm actually eased itching from summer maladies like eczema and bug bites. The skin moisturizing also slows down the aging process, regenerates skin cells, and improves elasticity. It also gave me a fresh feeling when I got out of the shower. My shower experience was further enhanced by the other Shea Yeleen product I received. With a smell guaranteed to wake up all your senses, i used the lemongrass peppermint shea soap. It lathered up like my favorite body wash. Another great thing, was it softened my skin enough to give me a great shave. The smell had a yummy citrusy fragrance. Never has a product done so much good and also been so good at the same time.

Shea Yeleen products are available at Whole Foods Markets throuhgout the country and through the website


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An Organized Bag- Now That’s A Brilliant Idea

brilliant body bag

Ladies, we all have busy lives. We work, take care of our families, and then try to take care of ourselves. Is there enough hours in a day. ?  Probably not. Between all of these jobs, you either need to be super woman or organized.Sometimes you are so busy or have so many things on your mind that this is impossible. You throw business folders in your briefcase, your gym clothes into your gym bag. , and those all important itineraries in another bag. Then you can’t find them because they are in different bags. It’s enough to drive you crazy.

Well I have found the ultimate bag and that is the Be Brilliant bag. Two women were in search of a fashionable , yet useful bag. They went from boutique to boutique and came up with the Be Brilliant bag. . I just recently received mine and it is a gift from God. There are so many pockets in the bag that you have a place for everything. I sometimes think that the bag should have a map in it because it may be hard in dark theatres or restaurants to find something. Definitely if you are at a party after a few cocktails, it may also be difficult as well. The front pouch opens up  to hold a laptop or tablet. A feature that I absolutely love is the bottom pouch which zips so you can put a  pair of shoes in it. I was at a party last week and my feet were killing me from my shoes. I opened up the pouch pulled out my flats and popped the heels into the compartment. There is even a clear bag for clothes or a wet bathing suit. These ladies have thought of everything . Everything fits in the bag and it doesn’t look a mess.

This might just be the perfect bag for the modern gal.

pink brilliant bag

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Sushi That Will Blow You Away! Yuzu – A Hidden Treasure

yuzu chicago

I love good sushi and before yesterday, I thought I could only get it in River North. Well I was pleasantly surprised . We were wandering through Ukranian Village and found a cute little bistro where the chefs make sushi good enough to compete with the big boys.

The place is definitely not your run of the mill sushi restaurant. The walls are decorated with anime drawings. Diners can BYOB their favorite libations as they enjoy some of the original dishes . Appetizers aren’t just poppers and wings. They are the perfect introduction to a great meal. On a rainy day, we were treated with a ginger broth that was a treat to the tastebuds. The Agesdashi Tofu was just a start to the experience . Shrimp chips accompanied a scallop cerviche that was both spicy and sweet. Along with the small plates , Yuzu is also known for their robata as well. The meats were tender and flavored with delicious sauces. My personal favorite was the chicken satay with a yummy peanut sauce. They even made an eggplant so tasty that Jen liked it and ate it and she hates eggplant.ted

But the star of Yuzu is the sushi. The dishes have colorful names and fun ones like Sorry I Am Drunk and 100 Years of Solitude . Each plate is a work of art and is presented as such. Elaborate designs and garnishes decorate each plate when they come to the table. Each piece is complimented with sauces that please the senses. My favorite unagi was peppered with mayo and aioli. The Born to Chill was a delight with the tuna and salmon sushi and jalapeno mayo. So many dishes to try so we made a note to come back .

We finally came to the end of the meal and that means dessert. Like their food, their desserts are masterpieces as well. Mochi flavors like hazelnut and mango are a treat to the tongue. The tropics beckon with one bite of the white chocolate yuzu. The white chocolate mousse is filled with a cream center and coconut cake. Decadent and delicious. We found heaven on earth  in the matcha and chocolate charlotte. It contained three types of chocolate mousse, hazelnut praline crunch, and a chocolate meringue.

Be prepared to get there early because they open at 4;30 and they fill up fast. Everyone flocks to enjoy these delectable treats. Yuzu is located at 1751 W Chicago Avenue.

sorry i am drunk

summer breezechocolate chocolate

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Windy City Welcomes Newest AC Hotel

ac hotels chicagoLast night, we were invited guests to the opening of the new member of the Marriott family, the AC Hotel. The evening started off with officials of the company praising Chicago and saying how excited they are to have their newest hotel right in the middle of the heart of Chicago. Following the opening , the fun began. Guests could enjoy cocktails and gourmet food that was specially prepared by Chicago favorite  Rick Tramonto. The food had a European flare to it and the party goers also munched on yummy treats as well.

The Marcus and Marriott companies hotel collaboration was the star of the evening. Sabertooth entertained the guests as well as djs. A photo booth allowed guests to capture their memorable evening and then they could let lose in the pillow fiight photo shoot in one of the rooms. This concept hotel has only been unveiled in four US cities including Chicago. It allows travelers affordable accomodations while they can stay in the middle of metropolitan cities. This particular one is right off the Mag Mile.

The evening concluded when guests received swag bags when they left. We definitely enjoyed ourselves and had a great time.

ac hotel partyac hotel guestschef rick tramontolisa gray live arthotel-rush

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It’s Freeee! You Can Win Free Clothes from Adrianna Papell

dress_contest_JUNE3Everyone loves free things and all us gals would love to add to our wardrobes. Well the people at Adrianna Papell want to give four lucky winners 500 dollars teso get some beautiful Adrianna Papell clothes. That’s right ! the clothes that are regularly seen on the Red Carpet by some of your favorite stars.

As well as the grand prizes , 20 lucky winners will also win one of the great looking and stylish Adrianna Papell scarves.

For more information and a chance to enter go to




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Connie’s Pizza Treats Foodies to Pizza Tastings

connies logoconnies insidepizza ovenEveryone loves pizza and when someone says Chicago , they immediately think pizza. Tonight we were invited by the nice folks at Connie’s Pizza to come and try some great pizza. Connie’s Pizza is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary.

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Cure by Chiara Lets You Love Your Hair

cure by chiaraIt’s summer time and that means humidity and frizz. It isn’t just that its the wear and tear on your hair as well. As an actress , your hair is exposed to lights and styling tools. As just being a woman, my hair is exposed to products and hair colors. After time , hair gets damaged and loses its luster.

Trying so many products , I found one that I am in love with. Icon has come out with a great line , Cure by Chiara . I love the special package they had for made up in honor of breast cancer surviviors and those affected by the disease. This touches me since my aunt lost her battle to the disease. I plan on using it in the future for special treasures from that special someone. I also think its great that Icon gives back by using the proceeds of the products for breast cancer research.

The Recovery shampoo gives you a nice thick lather that embraces the roots and nourishes your hair. The shampoo is color safe and actually brightens your color. Here is what I love about it the most. The product helps to smooth the hair and gives your hair volume as well. Perfect for those bad hair days of summer.

The Replenishing Spray works the same as any conditioner. You spray the product into already dried hair and then let your hair reap the benefits. It makes your hair shiny and smooth. It may not alter your hair texture permanently, but it will allow your hair to perform at optimum .

The Double Body Serum is absorbed into the hair and gives it the moisture to give it volume. Your hair becomes bouncy and beautiful. When you look beautiful , you feel beautiful and then anything is possible.

You can learn more about the Cure line and other I.C. O. N. products by going to their website You can order the products by calling 1-800-951-ICON .

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