Getting Good Karma Makes You Healthier and Stronger


Ah spring has arrived and thoughts turn to beaches, barbeques, and bathing suits. After an entire winter of cocktails and comfort food, Chicagoans have taken to walking and running in an effort to get back into shape and lose those unwanted rolls.

I have found one weapon in the war to lose the pounds and that is Karma Wellness Water. Most of the time when a water claims to be fortified with vitamins, they can’t. The vitamins are lost in the water. This is what makes Karma so special. The vitamins are housed in the special patented Karma cap. All you have to do is peel, push, and shake and the vitamins pour into the water. All the nutrients you need are right there, enhancing your workout and making you feel better. And best of all , they are only 20 calories or less.

Each flavor has a benefit. There are six flavors and each flavor carries its own benefit and vitamins. They also end my “hatred’ of drinking water that every magazine sings the praises of .  The flavors are delicious and it makes me feel like a world class athlete when I take them to the gym or for a run. It makes me feel good to know I am putting something in my body that is doing to do it some good. Another thing I love is that the bottle is so streamlined , it has that stylish and fashionable look. Karma Water can be found at grocery, convenience stores and also select gyms. Drink up for good karma.

for more information go to

runners group yoga

For more info go to

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Just a Little Bit of California – Level Naturals Captures the Feeling

level naturals

A sampling of some of the products that the company makes, with California goodness

California conjures up many images , sunshine, hot guys on surfboards, and Hollywood . stars. It is certainly welcome when you are staring at fifty mile winds and zero temperatures by a frozen Lake Michigan .  This was my main motivation for trying the products from this LA brand.

Level Naturals takes its cues from Johnathan Andrew and Sabrina Roberson , co founders of this company.  The products were born on a farm in Hawaii . Today the products come out of the Brewery , the world’s largest artist colony . With a cosmetologist and aromatherapist at the helm, Johnathan and Sabrina have created some of the most aesthetically pleasing products that I have ever tried. I am a huge fan of Bath and Body Works and Victoria Secret wonderful fragrances, but these products actually capture a feeling. The feeling is a state of mind and that is California.

One of my favorite products was the Room and Body mist . Since I was trying to aid my SADD , I chose a fragrance that evoked memories of sunshine and Florida. I would travel with my family every year as a kid. The grapefruit and bergamot was perfect for that . The citrusy aroma killed that winter feeling of darkness and despair. I highly recommend it for anyone with the winter blues. I loved that fragrance so much that I got it in the body butter as well. Level’s body butter makes your skin feel so soft and the added feature is the smell. Their soap has such a great lather and with the  woodsy floral  smell ,you’ll feel relaxed and clean. The lemon sage fragrance definitely helps you let the sunshine in and with the ginger , it peps you up. The body polish guarantees a good exfoliating experience in the shower as well.

You can find these products at

room and body mist

My favorite was the grapefruit bergamot room and body mist


It takes me back to summer camp and the forest… such a relaxing feeling

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Now That’s Italian – Pizzeria Via Stato


 Chicago is known for pizza. Downtown is full of places with the claim of the world’s best ones. From the thinnest crust to the world famous Chicago style, you can find the perfect style for every taste. Inside the Embassy Suites Hotel, is one pizzeria  that can definitely claim that title. Pizzeria Via Stato is not just pizzas though, it’s a lot more. Recently, I got a chance to find out just how much more there was.

Coming into the restaurant, it is located in the lobby of the Embassy Suites in the heart of downtown Chicago and not far from the Magnificent Mile. Shopping and theatres are also centrally located. It is ideal because it is just off the lobby of  the gorgeous hotel . Great food and shopping are convenient as well. All of the wines are Italian and that is no lie. I enjoyed a delicious bellini made with a housemade grapefruit puree and it was made with a prosecco , because Italians don’t believe in champagne. There is also a great selection of beers, wines, and cocktails. Don’t feel like alcohol? They also serve sodas in carafes and boast a lemonade that will take you back in time.

One of the most popular things here at Pizzeria is the small plates. The bread is warm and fresh ciabatta bread with sea salt. It is specially made for the restaurant by a bakery in town. There is only one way to enjoy it and that is with the roasted garlic and olive oil. I loved dipping it in the balsalmic vinegar savoring the sweet taste. The colorful caprese was a perfect spring dish with its vibrant red and green Large chunks of pulled mozzarella were flavored with basil and accompanied with juicy tomatoes. It reminded me of everything that is good about the summer. You can’t call a place Italian with out trying the meatballs. The meatballs are made with a tangy combo of veal and pork . I would venture to say that they are probably one of the best meatballs I have tried in Chicago.We were told that it is Chef David’s specialty and a staple in many dishes.  Our favorite, hands down,  is the roasted sweet onion. This dish is pure heaven. A parmesan coating is baked in a pizza oven until it is golden brown and sauteed in white wine.  Mmm delish. But the ultimate word here is pizza …

Most people come for the pizza and now we know why. The crust is a thin Roman style that is so crunchy. Jen usually doesn’t eat the crust, and Jen munched it right down. Brad made an excellent choice , the margherita pizza. It is by far the most popular of all the pizzas. The mozzarella is fresh and the tomatoes are from san marazano. We also tried two other dishes , the chicken pesto sandwich and penne pasta.  The sandwich was made with the same delicious ciabatta bread which worked with the arugula, chicken, and pesto. The penne pasta was cooked al dente which is the absolute best way for noodles. The mostaccioli was cooked with chicken and a spicy tomato sauce with a tiny kick to it.

Finishing up , we came upon the chocolate tart that is a specialty at the restaurant. The bittersweet chocolate tart was garnished with a frozen orange rind. The best way to enjoy it was to eat some orange and then take a bite of the tart. The crust was as light as a feather. Add some expresso specially made by the people at Intelligenista and you have an amazing dining experience. The food is quite good and reasonable. For lunch, diners can get soup , sandwich, and one of the awesome tarts for only 9.95 , but make sure to get in early because this deal only lasts from 11:30 to 3 pm. It is a great deal if you are visiting the Windy City for business or pleasure.

Pizzeria Via Stato and it’s sister Osteria Via Stato are located at 620 N State Street. Our thanks to Brad and Jeffrey for arranging such a pleasant dining experience.

roasted garlic pizza inside the p

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Red Carpet Style- That’s Adrianna Papell


It’s a name that is heard all over the Red Carpet. It’s been used on television series like “Pretty Little Liars” It’s a name that stands for class , style, and sophistication and that is Adrianna Papell.

The company was founded in 1979 in New York and remains one of the most respected ready to wear company’s in the world. Celebrities sing their praises , as well as stylish blogs and magazines. The styles are classy , yet the lines are simple.

Recently I was introduced to the world of Adrianna Papell. As I pulled the dress out of the box, I was thrilled by the pretty lace and the deep purple color. It was accented with pleats on the skirt and purple lace on the bodice. I think what was really exciting is that AP also comes in plus sizes. This was shown by dresses worn by Rebel Wilson. She looked glamorous and fierce in it. That was good enough for me.

The occasion I chose to use the dress for was Holy Saturday , which is the most celebrated night on the Church calendar. It would be perfect for the Easter festivities. Rest assured though, I will be so happy to wear it to the many events that I go to in Chicago. I paired the dress with an original piece of jewelry by Jake Zak. The floral pattern let everyone know that I was ready for spring and style again.

Even though the dresses have been up and down the Red Carpet, the prices really aren’t that bad. They average from about 140- 300 dollars. They promise delivery for your special event. I love the fit and it made me feel pretty and feminine. They truly live up to their slogan “Making Every Moment and Every Woman Feel Special.”

red rose dress

Here is a stunning dress from the Adrianna Papell 2015 Spring/Summer collection.


Rebel Wilson models an Adrianna Papell dress at this year’s MTV Music awards.

me in adrianna papell

Here I am at Easter in my Red Carpet dress, now I am a fan too.. Continue reading

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Felio Siby Means Luxury

feelios bags

When you want to make that great first impression, whether it is to that special  person or to show that you are on your way, we have a great suggestion and that is Felio Siby. Felio is a style that has grown to symbolize “success.”

Dominique Siby is the designer and CEO of these ultra luxurious bags and clothing. His shirts feel like a dream with their combination of cotton and cashmere. They also fit close to the body which I like. The designs consist of the iconic Siby elephant and different exotic skins like python. The line also includes duffles and bags. These are definitely bags for the ultra stylish individual.

 Dominique knows about international style . He moved from Africa to Paris where he learned about style and creativity. He used his knowledge of travel and exotic skins to create these works of art and fashion. The ultra chic bags can be found at Addict in Bal Habour , with stores opening in Miami and Los Angeles as well.

 To find them online go to

With Romain Grosjean

CEO and Founder , Dominique Siby with Brand Ambassador Romain Grosjean

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Kim Spadaro – Embracing Life and Loving It


Some people just seem to get up in the morning, go to work, and then come home and do nothing. Kim Spadaro is not one of these people. This Floridian travels , socializes with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, and has created some of the most heavenly scents on earth. Kim is also a survivor. She underwent surgery for a brain tumor , luckily for her it was benign.

Did this stop this amazing woman? The answer is no. Kim has taken her knowledge of chemistry and her love of scents to create the world famous line Spadaro .Celebrities like Bono ,love her fragrances whether they are in the form of candles or perfume. Each fragrance that she works on comes from a memory of her life or a place she has visited. The names themselves evoke places that people have only dreamed about. Doux Amour brings to your mind images of veiled beauties , sand, and Morocco. Beso Del Mar brings to mind the cool ocean breeze and margaritas. Kim believes that fragrances evoke memories. Only one time in her life was she scared. Going under the knife, she was scared that the brain surgery would kill her sense of taste and smell. Fortunately, the tumor was in a part of her brain that she claimed was “the best part of the brain to have a tumor.” This allowed her to get back to her passion, creating.

Her fragrances are truly her passion . “Every fragrance has a story, each has characters that continue to grow, and every drop has a meaning.”Kim believes.  She creates her fragrances from her travels. That way she can keep the memory of each trip alive through each sensual experience.

Kim’s products have been included in exclusive Hollywood swag bags and she has some pretty high profile fans. The band Foo Fighters love her products as well. Kim is a huge believer in charity and believes in giving back. The Spadaro Foundation allows a percentage of each product purchased to go back to organizations that help women and children.

One of the biggest influences that Kim had was her late mother. This was one of the strongest reasons for the establishment of the Spadaro foundation. . The Spadaro Foundation allows a percentage of each product purchased to go back to organizations that help women and children. This also includes the American Cancer Society. Kim also speaks to college and high schools students as well to inspire future women. Her biggest mssage to these girls is to “never give up on the dream and trust your instincts.”

The next step for Kim is expansion. She truly wants to make the world know her name. With the determination and drive this gal has, nothing is impossible.

SpardaroFragranceHere is Kim hard at work creating a memory

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A Piece of Your Life Courtesy of Dune Jewelry

dune jewelryWe all have memories of that first time at the beach, a family vacation, romantic getaway, or just a vision of the future and a beach we want to visit. Well a few weeks ago, I received a very unusual piece of jewelry. It was a custom designed bracelet that contained the sand from a beach I have yet to see. But the bracelet gives me hope of seeing the blue Pacific. When they asked me to look at the lists of beaches to choose from, that had to be the hardest part. I went back in time to my childhood , first time I saw the Atlantic, the family visits to Lake Erie, and none of them seemed right. Looking at the list, I saw the beaches of California and saw into the future . That is where my sand would come from, the vision of the future and LA

The sterling silver bracelet looks very smart with casual looks. I also have paired it with other skinny bracelets . I can’t wait to see it with my summer and spring looks. It gives me hope that as I see the snow outside and the view of the lake, there will be sun and beaches again.

Holly Daniels Christiansen is the creator of these one of a kind pieces. She hasn’t always been a jewelry designer. She embraced her passion for jewelry design. After years of working in Boston real estate, she found that passion alive by designing these beautiful pieces of art. It is more than art, it is a place to house serenity and memories”. The jewelry is part of a patented two part process There are two different patent-pending processes that are involved in creating Dune Jewelry. The first process requires cleansing, layering and polishing the sand and resin to form a domed, glass-like finish. The second process calls for the designer’s to hand sand the piece to “open up” the grains of sand inlaid into sterling silver for a flat, matte finish.  ” is how Christiansen describes her process. She started making the jewelry in 2007 for family and friends. This was also when she partnered with Kelly Quinn , who was a childhood friend. The two realized that everyone has memories from beaches all around the world. Just recently, the company started taking sand  from golf courses and ball parks such as Fenway Park.


Pieces start at 40 and go up to 380  dollars . They include bracelets, earrings, necklaces, tie bobs, and key chains. For info go to



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