Say Oui Oui to Delicious and No No to Calories!

I won’t say that I don’t enjoy some of our tastings, but as a pseudo fashionista and actress I worry sometimes about the calories.  I like good tasting food and am very leery of when someone uses the term “healthy.”  Sometimes, it means no taste.  This can be a problem when you have a craving for something when you know it might not be good for you or your diet.

Well the folks at Cafe des Architectes  solved that problem and its called their Delight menu. Hotel guests and diners can enjoy lite and healthy meals all prepared by Sofitel’s executive chef, Greg Biggins.  Hard to believe? Well,we recently got a chance to try some of these goodies at a special luncheon last week at the Sofitel.

Upon entering the hotel, we were in for an aesthetic treat.  When you first walk into the lobby , you are transported to a modern, elegant European hotel.  It has a different feel than the traditional Drake.  Splashes of bright color are utilized and the hotel is dotted with contemporary floral arrangements.  The men at the concierge desk were very helpful and friendly . They assisted my every need.  Bloomingdales ,partnered with the Sofitel furnished some great fall looks in the lobby . I couldn’t wait for the treats in store.

Entering the private dining room, we looked at the vast display of dishes.  I was totally in love with the colorful presentation .  It was also a great way to spotlight local products by using dishes filled with seasonal fruits and vegetables.  Our gastronomical experience began with a yummy baby spinach salad that consisted of spinach, fresh strawberries, lemon and red onion with a balsamic vinagrette  splashed on top.  Little juice shots were part of the meal as well and they provided color to the presentation.   Tuna commet and peach pama cotta were the two appetizers. Jen and i preferred the pama cotta because of its creaminess and rich peach taste.  It also had a good texture to it.  The two entries, salmon and chicken , were next. We preferred the salmon because of its sweet taste and the baby carrot garnish. The salmon was cooked with an orange reduction and it was very tender to cut.  Coming to the end of the meal was a seasonal favorite, fresh fruit salad.  The special taste added to the fruit was courtesy of the mint .  It gave a tiny kick of taste to the presentation of strawberries, blackberries, and other popular summer fruits.

How did this all come about?  Nicolas Pesty, of the Sofitel, gave an informative talk on the history of the Delight menu.  It had originally been developed in a spa in France about forty years ago.  Along with the other benefits, the guests at the spa could eat healthy as well.  It encourages healthy eating , but it doesn’t sacrifice taste.  Pestry described the menu as “a pleasant surprise.”  As the result of a health conscious world,  the Sofitel thought it was time to introduce this menu to their hotels.   It gives the traveler a healthy option to hotel food , as well as giving event planners the opportunity to plan healthy meals for the various dietary needs of their guests.  Nicolas also pointed out some various points about healthy weight loss that we didn’t know.  Following the talk, Greg Biggins did a cooking demo where he made some of the light mayonnaise that is included in the Delight menu.  The mayonnaise had a tofu base . We got the opportunity to taste it, but agreed that it might be a little too bland for our taste.  Maybe some chives or other spices could add to the flavor , while it maintains it’s healthy base.

The afternoon ended with a raffle of spa products and a dinner for two at the restaurant .  Everyone ended up being a winner when they were sent off with a souvenir of their meal at the Sofitel. It was a piece of low calorie banana bread tied with a ribbon that said SOFITEL.  The whole meal was a pleasant experience and we would like to say thanks to Chrissie Cox and the other staff for making our meal  unforgettable . We plan to return soon. Merci!


The classy elegant lobby is decorated with contemporary flower arrangements.  It has such a European feel to it.

Chic! very chic !

Wonder why I love the private dining room so much? Maybe it has something to do with the different shades of purple that are used.  It is so vibrant and colorful.

Bloomingdales has partnered up with the Sofitel to bring these great Fall looks to decorate their lobby. The dog is so cute.

Don’t these salads look delicious? They were , especially when they were sprinkled with the balsalmic vinagrette.

Guests enjoyed the juice shots as well as the delicious peach pama cotta

 The delicious salmon was displayed in these clever little cast iron skillets. It was a big hit.

A healthy and tasty dessert.  It just looks like an energizing bowl of sweetness

Nicolas Pesty gave an informative history of the Delight menu’s origins. He also educated us as well on healthy weight loss.  Loved that French accent!

Greg takes lemons and tofu and makes it into a healthy alternative to regular mayonaise


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