Fifty Shades of Grey’s Anatomy

This is my pick of the week and my addiction, “Grey’s Anatomy”  . Entering its ninth season,  it is the saga of Meredith Grey, surgical legacy of Ellis Grey. Meredith has returned to Seattle to begin her residency .  The show tells about Meredith , her friends, and her work and personal relationships.  Grey’s has a few Chicago ties. Jeff Perry, founder of the Steppenwolf theatre ensemble plays the absent father of Meredith, Thatcher Grey.  Kate Walsh , a fellow Piven grad , plays the ex wife of Derek, Addison Shepherd Montgomery. Finally Chicago native , Jesse Williams plays the dashing and ambitious Dr. Jackson Avery.  There have been a lot of emotional moments in the course of the show. Here are some of my favorites.

Here is the very hot love of Meredith ‘s life, Dr Derek Shepherd played by Patrick Dempsey.  The night before Meredith begins her surgical residency , she sleeps with him after drinking a lot of tequila.  On her first day, she encounters him at the hospital.



“Here is where you will spend the next seven years” The young interns meet each other and form lasting bonds.

Here is Meredith facing an important decision. I call this the ultimate female or gay fantasy. She must make a choice between the hot vet played by Chris O Donnell or her McDreamy.  What a way to go!

Here is the love of Izzy’s life (Katherine Hegl) . She fell in love with a heart patient named Denny. (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)  Her love for him was so intense that she risked her career so he could be given a donor heart by cutting the elvad wire on his artificial heart. Denny died , but not with out making Izzy a very rich woman.  She took the money and donated it to start the Denny Dusette Memorial Clinic.

This shows just how complicated the relationships on Grey’s can be. Derek and his best friend Mark, (Eric Dane) are stuck in an elevator with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) Addison who is Derek’ ex wife and Mark’s lover, and a nurse that Derek dated to help him get over Meredith.

There may be a bromance , but Mark and Derek get into it over women quite a lot.

Here is the affable George  O Malley (T R Knight) with one of the most difficult deliveries at Seattle Grace. It is when Dr Miranda Bailey was giving birth to her little boy Tucker George.  Miranda is played by Chandra Wilson.

Here is when Meredith shows Derek how she feels about him as she lights candles where he had shown her their house would be.  Meredith took a long time to realize that Derek was her soul mate.

Tragedy struck when Meredith almost drowns. As the doctors rally to save her, she has the ghosts of dead people in her life visit her.  These include Denny and her mother.

In the same elevator they ride all the time, Derek has put up the cat scans of the many cases they have worked on together. He has done this so he can propose to Meredith who naturally accepts.

Instead of Meredith and Derek getting married, the blissful couple donate their whole wedding to a terminal Izzy so she can marry Alex.  Izzy has cancer and this was the one thing that kept her going.  She laid in her bed and planned their wedding, so it was the least they could do .

With the approval of Dr Hunt, George decides to enlist in the army. On the day he was to ship out, he was hit by a bus and killed. This is George as he comes to escort Izzy after she has coded in the ICU.

A grieving husband goes on a shooting rampage in the hospital . One of his victims is Derek as he lays with a chest wound , Christina must be the surgeon to save her bff’s husband’s life.

So they can adopt, Meredith and Derek finally tie the knot. Their first wedding consisted of writing a promise on a post it.


Faced with dealing with the illness of her mother, Meredith switches the trial envelopes for the Chief’s wife.


This is the very happy day that Dr and Mrs Shepherd adopted their little princess Zola from Africa.


Here is the whole family – Meredith , Derek , and Zola


One of the most innovative ideas was an epsiode entitled “The Song Beneath the Song” In it , Callie faces her own immortality and gives birth to her daughter, Sophie. Being a musical theatre performer , Callie stands and sings as she watches herself being worked on by her friends. Other performers like Kevin McKidd and Chandra Wilson also got a chance to shine.

 Here is the happy wedding between Dr Arizona Robbins and Dr Callie Torres.  The two doctors also share Sophie with Dr Mark Sloan.   Bailey officiated for the girls.


At the end of last season, the doctors were in flight when their jet crashed.  Lexi Grey perished at the site.


While Mark died a few weeks later. Here at his deathbed are his two bffs, his brother Derek and his friend , Callie


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