Pamper Yourself with Pinky Up!

bailey piece of cake pinky up

With the exception of a short time in the nineties, I am a lifetime tea drinker. My mother made me tea and toast on the first day of kindergarten and I would rather go to Argo than Starbucks.  Oolong Tea takes me back to the Chinese restaurant in Youngstown, Ohio where we ate before they had a food court in the mall.  I even got the ultimate tea experience and that was Holiday Tea at the Drake Hotel.

That is why I got so excited about the Pinky Up collection from True Brands. One of the best things we can do for ourselves as busy women, is to pamper ourselves. What is more elegant than enjoying a cup of tea and cookies. The teas are treats in themselves with flavors like Tirasmu, Candied Apple, and Peaches and Cream. But the pieces come in contemporary designs as well. I also found out that infused tea has a richer flavor than a tea bag. The Bailey also has an infuser that is included with its special mug.  The bamboo lid keeps the tea warm and also serves as a coaster. They also have other matching accessories with each piece. I love my “Easy as a Piece of Cake ‘ tea towel.


Here is the PinkyUp display at the Tru Brands booth at the International Housewares Show a few months ago.  Love the little tea containers and fun flavors.

a piece of cake tea towel

Make a mess? Simple clean up is easy with the matching tea towel. It can also be used as a dishtowel as well.

 Want to order or learn more go to

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